This post was originally published on GreenMet

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, GreenMet announces the release of the “GreenMet Sustainability Strategy” as a guidepost for our investments and engagement in developing a sustainable and reliable U.S. critical mineral supply chain.  The Sustainability Strategy was crafted by the GreenMet Sustainability Steering Committee, and we thank its members for their hard work.  “GreenMet will use this strategic framework as it engages policy leaders and the private sector.  We must ensure that we lead the world in innovation and investment towards a responsible alternative to the current critical mineral supply chain status quo,” said GreenMet Founder and CEO Drew Horn.

As the American conduit between private capital and critical mineral innovation, GreenMet was established to address the need for responsibly sourced critical minerals and metals to meet our U.S. renewable energy, defense, and infrastructure needs through a supply chain that is sustainable and competitive in the global market. At the intersection of business and public policy, we advance private sector investments and sound legislative and regulatory action to develop a resilient domestic supply chain.

The members who served on the GreenMet Sustainability Steering Committee are:

  • Robert Bikel, Director and Lead Faculty for the Social, Ethical, and Environmental Responsibility (SEER) Program at Pepperdine University Graziado Business School
  • Sherri Goodman, former U.S. Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Environmental Policy
  • Mahesh Ramanujam, former CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council

GreenMet will execute on our sustainability strategy in two ways:

1.    Perform sustainability due diligence on our prospective projects and investments to establish a baseline of performance.

2.    Upon closing of the transaction or engagement, we educate, advise, and support our portfolio of companies and projects to ensure ongoing compliance and leadership to their established sustainability strategy.

The full GreenMet Sustainability Strategy can be found here.