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WASHINGTON, DC – GreenMet Founder, President and CEO Drew Horn announced the expansion of GreenMet through three new verticals of the company, expanding services available to current and future clients – GreenMet Advisory, GreenMet Capital and GreenMet Innovation.

“As I look back on 2023, I’m thrilled by the growth GreenMet has experienced and I’m encouraged by our prospects for the future. To offer our clients an even more holistic suite of support, we have expanded our services to include GreenMet Advisory, GreenMet Capital and GreenMet Innovation,” said Horn. “Advisory is invaluable in helping critical mineral companies navigate the policy landscape, Capital is a lifeline to companies large and small looking for flexible investment solutions, and Innovation is exploring new and adaptive ways to de-risk mining projects and create value in every step of the supply chain.”

GreenMet Advisory is led by Nicole deSibour Rodgers, Chief Government & External Affairs Officer. Advisory offers services and support related to policy and stakeholder engagement, technical and business strategy, as well as public funding support. 

GreenMet Capital is led by Jen MacPherson, Head of Investments. Capital offers services and support related to critical mineral project funding, portfolio company growth facilitation and customized investment solutions.

GreenMet Innovation is led by Dr. Ned Mamula, Chief Geologist. Innovation offers services and support related to emerging technology incubation, supply chain alignments and innovative solution validation. 

“Our team of experts navigates both the capital and policy landscape to cut red tape, decrease reliance on imports and unleash the power of domestic sourcing,” said Horn. “I’m excited to have Nicole, Jen and Ned at the helm as we enter this exciting new phase at GreenMet.”

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